Wednesday 27 June 2018

July Report from our new President

.President’s Report For July..

Firstly I would like to say it is an honour to be nominated and selected for president of our club. A bloodless coup happened and I am pleased to report the past president Young Barry is still alive and kicking and rearing to go as usual.
I also welcome the members who put their names forward for the committee – these roles can be somewhat thankless but are so important for the future of the club.
A special thanks to 2 outstanding individuals.
Ivan for continuing as workshop manager – his dedication knows no bounds – he is the one that makes sure the machines work correctly and that we clean and look after the building, so this year let us all make his job easy by doing the little things well – clean up after yourselves and yes that includes the dishes in the lunch room.
Remember do not use a machine unless you are proficient in its use. The committee will have a new plan on how we all operate our machines in the future.
The other member who works tirelessly is peter who again has put his name up to be secretary/treasurer, another task that is so important in the running of the club.
Please make sure you thank them both when you see them-
The big project for the last month and also for July is Kidzone. We run the Mitre 10 woodwork room and this year we have done well in making the clacker and shaker box toys. This is our major fund raiser for the year and if you can volunteer please ensure you fill out a Police vetting form and advise me of the of the day or days you can volunteer. Kidzone is at James Hargest Senior School on Layard Street from the 11th -16th July 2018. It continues to be a great event for the children of Southland – not many places you can take your children and have them make a wooden toy and take it home, get their face painted – drive mini jeeps, go to shows, see clowns – eat hot dogs and ice cream and generally have a marvellous time.  
The upcoming projects are to redo the internal gutter and refurbish the main doors and provide veranda covers to these doors – this will involve working bees in the near future. Also we are negotiating with parks and corrections for the construction of stoat traps and bird houses – this is another fund raising initiative that will benefit the wider community.
Our club has gone from strength to strength and it is only because we all generally care about what we do and want to help others achieve their goals that make woodworkers what we are. Long may it continue.
Please ensure you come along to the club days and nights and enjoy the wonderful facility that we have.

Simon Tonkin.

A big thank you also to all members who worked hard towards the completion of the kitsets for Kidzone 2018 well done you guys and gals  :)

Peter Aalders

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