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Newsletter - Southern Woodworkers Guild - June Edition


All is progressing well with making the toys for this year’s Kidzone Festival, a working bee was held on the Saturday the 8th June at our clubrooms where the plywood was cut and drilled and we managed to get most of the false floors for the boxes cut out and packaged up.

The timber is to be delivered on Wednesday the 11th June.  This means we need another working bee on Saturday the 15th June.  We have 3 different pieces to cut out so I would like to see 3 saws in operation.  With 3 saws running we can take the timber straight to the packing stage.

I hope to see some of you at the Clubrooms starting from 9.00am and running till about 3.00pm.

Mid-winter Dinner

I am pleased to report that the mid-winter dinner is on again this year.

Place                  Our Clubrooms at 5 Mary Street

When                Sunday 28th July 2019

Time                  12.00 pm with lunch starting at 12.30pm

All members and partners welcome.

Cost per person -   this has not been discussed yet but a cost will be outlined at the July meeting.

REMINDER to all members

There were a few grumps at the last meeting about members not being able to find chucks for the lathes.

Each lathe has their own chucks but some of course are inter changeable with other lathes.

The message is very simple - if you take any piece of equipment or a tool to use on a project you are responsible for returning it to where you found it.  We have a tool room where a lot of our tools live so that is the place to start.  Lathes have their own equipment with each lathe so return items to that lathe.

We may look at colour coding these items so that they are easier to return.

Thank you all for your assistance with this issue as no one wants to go looking for items that should be with tools.

Each member is responsible for this.

And another reminder to clean up after yourselves, this is a basic safety issue – if you make a mess, please tidy up before you leave the building.


The AGM was held on the 5th June.  The officers nominated and elected were:-

President                        Simon Tonkin
Vice President                Neil King
Past President               Barry McLaughlin
Secretary/Treasurer      Peter Robbie

Committee                     Bev Wilson
                                        Jordan Wilson
                                        Aiden Cockroft
                                        David Caughey

Workshop Manager      Ivan Carran
Editor                             Simon Tonkin (for interim period)

Committee members (stepping down):-

                                        Ivan Carran
                                        Mike Peters
                                        Kevin Gerrard

My thanks to the previous year’s Committee for their excellent work in running the Guild and also to the current Committee members and Office Bearers for what will be another busy year for the Guild.

Change of days for the use of the Clubrooms
It has been decided at the last General Meeting that with the cold weather arriving that we will change the Monday night to a Saturday.

The new hours for every Saturday will be 9 .00am to 3.00pm.

This change should entice those working members to be able to come along and make their own projects rather than slinking out to their cold workshops in the cold dark hours.

Finally, with the weather turning very winterish, the Guild Clubrooms offer a very warm place to be with good dry space and good company.  Let us all enjoy what we have!

General stuff
A question has been raised by Ross Nicol over whether the Southland Woodworkers should have a patron?

The meaning of what a patron does was discussed at the June meeting and the President was asked to research what a patron could or would do.

The definition of patron:-

Þ    A person who sponsors or aids artists or charities
Þ    A protector or benefactor
Google search has some more information:-

Þ    The word patron comes from the Latin part meaning father
Þ    A patron supports someone or something
Þ    A patron supports the business by being a loyal customer
Þ    A patron of the arts helps support starving artists financially and not with food donations
Þ    The primary role of a patron is to lend credibility and support
Þ    They don’t play a formal role in the organization but are usually listed on letterheads appeal brochures and publicity material to help raise awareness and support.
Þ    Patrons are generally non-members , they tend to be someone that lends their name to the organization as a way of supporting you usually because they are well known and able to get media coverage for your organization and or bring in donations

Given this information, the question will be discussed at the July meeting as to whether the Guild membership want to pursue a person to act as patron to the Guild.

So please give the matter some thought and come along to the July meeting to discuss the issues.

Simon Tonkin

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