Wednesday 20 March 2019

A lot of hard slog done

updated pictures workshop 10 September 2022

beautiful new drop saw

workshop layout as per 10/9/2022

new wide sander installed

new belt sander  installed

work in progress

2 new record lathes

whisper quiet lathes with variable speed
and swivel head stock which slides on the bed length.
Excellent intermediate lathe but on / of buttons
 and speed control knob a bit smallish to my liking
Peter Aalders

Spruce up before the new equipment arrives

slippery floor needed sanding

all done, ceiling next

double 'glazing ' attached to slat windows

time for a break

New equipment being assembled and admired

big drumsander

2 new lathes

assembling sander

mortise and tenon donated by Lindsay

try out te new router table

new router table assembled

parts of belt sander

more ceiling work new lights fitted

some walls needed a coat also

drop saw and drill presses

scroll area

planer/ thicknesser / dust extraction

one of three wood storage areas where wood
can be purchased at low cost

plenty lathes

Tool crib

work benches

the scroll saw corner

plenty tools

tool crib

good selection of wood for turning

special lathe unit for wheelchair users

hammers anyone ?

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