Friday, 4 December 2020

Market day Invercargill 5 December 2020

 During my ' fleeting ' visit to Invercargill I visited the annual outdoor market day in Esk street and there they were.. Bev and Lynn from the woodworkers guild manning a stand with woodworking items made by the members.
I take my hat of to these ladies who were brave enough to do this in not so favourable weather conditions and I certainly hope that this was a worthwile effort.
Thank you Bev and Lynn you're a real asset to the guild.

                                                                                            Peter A.

Our Heroes Bev and Lynn

Thursday, 3 December 2020




 Last Sunday in November was our annual BBQ day to celebrate a succesfull 2020 for the guild.
The attendance was unfortunately not that great but the ones that showed up had a great time and were very pleased with the sumptuous amount of tasty morsels from the BBQ and great salads to go with it.
And a great desert was to follow with the regular cups of tea, coffees.
The members who were not there missed out on a fine day and a yarn or two so better come down next year.
Well done to all organisers and persons who made these delicious cakes etc for our desert and the supplied salads.

Please note that there will be another BBQ on our last day at the club rooms  on 19 December

After this we are locking up for a while and hopefully everone will return on the 18th January 2021.

Take care, have a great holiday and travel safely if you're on the road.
See you again all refreshed and ready to roll up your sleeves once more.



 The exhibition raffle drawn on the 2 December 2020.


Results as follows;


1st prize    D.Crump    clock made by Ron Sinclair

2nd prize   Lyn Lindsay   Kauri Cutting Board  made by

                                                     Barry McLaughlan

3rd prize    W.Herbert     Mahogany saucer   donated

4th prize    Ang Strathern   Toy car made by  Adin Cockroft


congrats to the winners.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Annual Exhibition Woodworkers Guild


Another one of our very popular yearly exhibitions will be mounted at our fantastic clubrooms.
This is a venue not to be missed where we show off our woodcraft skills at all levels from beginners to pro's.
A great opportunity also to have a browse for that exclusive Christmas present which are all made from wood as you can imagine and beautifully handmade.
A good range of gifts for sale from toys to more exclusive items. 
The sales of woodwork is also available on Wednesdays and Saturdays during opening hours.
During the exhibition there will be some members available to show you around the great workshop facilities and perhaps you may be tempted to become a member also at some stage and learn a new ( woodworking ) skill.
We are expecting a good turnout of the public because it has been popular in the past and the admission is free so .. see you there at 5 Mary street just behind the Harvey Norman store.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

July ---- NEWSLETTER ----

Hi all!


Another month has rushed us by and we have had our AGM and elected new Committee members.  So out with old and in with the new so to speak.


President:                        Barry McLaughlin

Vice President:                 Lynn Patterson

Treasurer/Secretary:       Peter Robbie


Committee members:

Dave Caughey

Bev Wilson

Ross Ferguson

Mike Skelton


Past President:                 Simon Tonkin

 Please make the new Committee welcome.


Roof replacement

The work has been going well with about 50 % completed and within the next few weeks this should be completed.

 Reminder – if you haven’t paid your subscription please ensure that you fill out the form and give the money to Peter. (Remember to fill out both sides of the form). The second side is for member accountability and some members haven’t signed this important section of the new form. Please ensure you do so.


The new Committee has met and have decided that along with our usual monthly raffle on the meeting night there will be an additional raffle of a scratchie board   - so winner takes all.  Also we have raffle tickets to sell for the NAW  - prize is a lathe.  $10.00 per ticket and the Club gets a percentage of all tickets we sell so please support this raffle. See Barry for a ticket or two.   

 Members to sign in

You all know that we have a sign-in book at the front door and it is very important that ALL members that enter the building sign in , get their name badge and sign out when they leave.  Also, if you are working in the clubrooms remember to pay your workshop fee - this small amount assists with the power and running of the Guild.

 Trial evacuation procedure

Be warned that we are going to run a trial evacuation of the clubrooms one day so the rules are  when you hear the siren to turn off the equipment you are using and make your way quietly to the evacuation/assembly point. If you don’t know where this point is, have a look at the floor plan in the building. Wardens will check the toilet and any other area to ensure that all people have evacuated and then once they are satisfied that the building is empty they will conduct a rollcall just to make sure that all people are accounted for. They will use the sign-in form for making sure all members - and any guests are accounted for. So it is very important that you fill in the sign-in form.

 Simon Tonkin


Sunday, 28 June 2020

Post Covid Newsletter 2

Southland Woodworkers Guild
 Newsletter June 2020

June 2020 News

Hi all!  Well it certainly has been an interesting couple of months and just when we were all saying let us open things up, then we get another 2 cases of COVID-19 in the country.

So the message is we need to take care and ensure we know where we have been so that if we have to, we can do the contact tracing.

There is not a lot of news for June except that a Committee meeting was held to discuss various aspects of the running of the Guild including:

1 Roof replacement - still waiting on contractor to give us a date.  Funding has been extended to August for the roof replacement.
2 New donated tools for the Guild - these will be put in the tool room for general use. There is a table saw and band saw. Both need tidying up but one may be past its use by date so may get used for parts.
3 Subscriptions are coming in to the Secretary. Reminder—if you haven’t paid your sub please do so or bring form and money along to the next meeting. Remember that we have a second page to the application form and it needs to be signed.

A special thanks to Gloria and Lyn - they are the editors of our facebook page.  We are using this to advertise firewood sales and it seems to be working.
We have cancelled this event, this year.

We have cancelled this event, this year.
Fairy Doors
These are being painted and haven’t yet been fitted to the trees.

 Old Heater
Jordan has advised that this is now in the tip as it was not economically worth repairing.  We do, however, have a new heater so all is not lost.
Remember nomination forms are sitting on a table at the Clubrooms, or you may fill a nomination form in on the night of the AGM, or you may nominate someone from the floor.

Have a think about what you can do to run the Guild.

We require:
- President                         - Vice President
- Treasurer/secretary     - Committee members

In addition, the Committee will appoint the following positions:
-  Facebook editor           - Web page editor
-  Newsletter editor       - Workshop Manager
-  Auditor

I would like to thank all the people that have worked so well for the Guild over the last year. This includes all members that have cut firewood, made playpods and toys, painted walls, tidied up the Clubrooms and not to forget the numerous jobs that members just get on with and get done.

I believe the Guild is in good stead, we have great Clubrooms and yes, it does cost us to insure and maintain the Clubrooms but I believe it is worth it just to have a great base for our operations.  We have a good range of tools that all members can use for any project that takes their fancy.

I have enjoyed my time as President of such a diverse bunch.

And on a sad note, I just want you to remember the members that have passed away during the year, it is so sad to lose good friends.

Simon Tonkin


AGM followed by usual monthly meeting—at Clubrooms

Wednesday, 1st July 20207:30pm

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Post Covid-19 newsletter

We are opening again!

The Committee has decided the Guild’s clubrooms will open on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020  with some new rules for you all to follow. And thereafter the normal Saturday, Monday and Wednesday hours will follow.

The rules are  as follows:

All members must fill in the sign-in form and sign the special COVID-19 form. The sign-in form is in the usual place and the COVID-19 form will be located in the dining room area on the main desk. Members must fill in these forms and adhere to the following:
¨  We must maintain social distancing of 2.0m where possible.
¨  We must ensure that all members sign in for contact tracing.
¨  We must provide hand sanitizer, paper towels and rubbish bins lined with plastic bags for easy disposal of paper towels.
¨  We must spray switches at start of day - by that I mean light switches and tool switches. 
¨  If a member is sick they must stay home or away from the clubrooms.
We recommend that  members  provide their own masks and gloves and the choice on whether you wear them or not, is yours.
A lot of our members are in the ‘at risk’ age group or have an underlying health issue  so we must all follow the rules.

Lunches—use of kitchen

All members are to bring and  wash their own utensils - the  preference  is  to  take them home for washing. Milk  can be supplied and shared if so desired by the members or you can bring their own.

Dining Room—layout 

Members will need to maintain social distancing at the tables.

Annual General meeting;

As per the last newsletter the AGM will take place on the first Wednesday in July - this is 1 July 2020 at 7.30pm at the Clubrooms.
Nomination forms have been sent out on a previous newsletter -  please decide what you can do to help  run the Woodworkers Guild. 


It has been decided that we will cancel Edenview this year  but will look at next year.

Funding opportunities

Please get your thinking caps on for any  ides that may assist the club with funding for the coming year. We do sell firewood and timber and have toys for sale but let us all think what else can we do for funding. No idea is a silly idea and all ideas are welcome.


  The  subscription shall remain at $60.00 again for the coming year. The committee was of a mind to increase the subscription to $70.00 per member per year  due to the ongoing costs of maintaining our building but given any subscription  discussion needs to be discussed at a general meeting there is no opportunity to discuss this under the current situation. 

Fairy Doors

It seems so long ago that we had a competition to make fairy doors for the Council’s Parks department.They required 11 fairy doors and we all made 17  - so they will have spares.The winner with his very  fancy red door fairy door was 
David Wiseman.
Congratulations and well done David!

Roof replacement

I have instructed Tim Yeo Contracting to replace the 2 rooves and the internal gutters. Other quotes are on hold due to lack of funds - these are the fitting of external spoutings and  fitting of plastic spouting. Timeframe is some time in June / July / August.


Subs are due as per the last newsletter - please ensure you fill out the application form in full.

Simon Tonkin


AGM– Clubrooms 
Wednesday, 1st July 2020—7:30pm


David Wiseman's winning entry.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

COVID-9 Stories from your lockdown workshop

Hello everyone,

Surely there must have been a hive of activities going on in your own workshops with so much spare time on your hands and maybe you are even making some items for the annual exhibition or just stuff around a bit.

I would like to hear from you all about what's been going on in your nick of the woods.  You can enlighten other members with your story and / or pictures by emailing them to me so I can paste them on our website.

Guess everyone has a mobile phone which can take pictures ???

Ok send your snippets to me; 

Have a go and get of your bum 😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Peter Aalders


April Lockdown Woodworker News

Well we are now into the third week of lockdown.  Some of us are essential workers so they are on the front line doing great work.  And some of us are working from home - no doubt in a small area of the lounge or dining room where you can get some relative peace to carry on the work front.
And some of us will have had more time to do those jobs around the house where we just never had time to do them.
Whatever category you are in  the situation is certainly unusual and quite strange.
They keep talking about the new normal, bubbles, social distancing and Levels 2, 3 and 4  and lock down.

So, if you are in the latter category of being able to do jobs around the home and wander out to the workshop, remember to stay as safe as you possibly can. We do not want any members being an ACC statistic during lockdown.

Remember the following while in the workshop:-

v  Stay mentally sharp - be focussed on the task at hand.
v  Unplug the power tools when not in use.
v  Watch where you stand when using tools and machinery.
v  Inspect the tool before you use it.
v  Listen to the voice in your head - if it says hmm don’t do this, then don’t.
v  Use push sticks where you can - keep your hands away from the blades.
v  Keep it clean  - clean away all dust and debris.


The Guild clubrooms remain closed until further notice.

Remember to contact others by phone or facebook or skype while in lockdown. And remember to get some exercise and fresh air.  A bit of warm weather would help on that front.

Wishing you all stay safe in your bubbles.

Simon Tonkin