Wednesday, 11 May 2022

kitsets galore for ILT Kidzone

Kidzone ?  

If you have never heard of this holiday program in Invercargill then better check this out and click on this link below..


 The Southland Wooworkers Guild has been involved in this program for a few succesfull years now supplying a range of wooden kitset items which the attending children can put together with a few nails and a bit of hammering.

Always quite a popular item in the 'show' so there is a need for a great number of kitsets.

Making the parts of the kits is all done by local members of the woodworking guild en is a mindboggling sight to behold if one looks at the sheer number( thousands ) of bits and bobs of wood that are required and ' manufactured ' , packaged and stored.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea what is involved;

wood guild workshop

marking out before the bits are cut

cutting team in action

fiddly time consuming work

no room for errors

pre drilling thousands of holes

blocks and more blocks ..

only a few here

a good start..

a few hundred here all sanded and ready

all packaged and stored

 A few more weeks work ahead for the crew of members and then it's all go at  Kidzone 2022. 

And after that we may have a few days off te recover :)


Monday, 31 January 2022


It's firewood from the Woodworkers Guild Invercargill !!

Now available again at the Guilds building at a very reasonable price.
Click on CONTACT on top of page to find out where we are.

A big thank you to the ILT foundation of Invercargill for receiving a grant to cover expenses to fit a new sewage pump and fittings.

Our Woodworkers Guild is 35 years young this year !!
Time to have a quiet one to celebrate this milestone ?

Anniversary dinner in the pipeline late this year

received from a reliable source a few pictures taken at a workshop session between some members possibly deciding ' what next '.

decisions decisions.....

Kevin's childs table and chair in progress

' precision ' work here..adjusting legs

Our member Ron in ' attack ' mode with the tools of trade 
at our barbie last December.

NAW posted their latest snippets

Monday, 3 January 2022

Welcome to an exiting 2022


Hopefully you all have arrived safely and ditched the new years resolutions probably so time to get back to work and make some shavings again.

We'd like to see everyone back on Monday 10th January same time as usual so on yer bike then.

Friday, 17 December 2021

Last day meet for 2021


Well that's done and dusted for 2021

A very pleasant meal together with great  food and then the puddings
were out of this world.
Thank you very much to all people for the great effort put into this.
 I reckon we are all coming back next year and do it all over again.
Let's hope that this covid thing does not rear it's ugly head again so there won't
be a need to close down for a while.

cheers form Peter Aalders

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

End of year notice and president's ramblings

 For the socially minded  members please note that 
there will be lunch this  Saturday 18 December at $5 a pop 
for  a      fingerlicking good KFC treat
Your welcome to bring your own drinks and perhaps something nice

for a " spot of pud " ( Gloria saizz )


Merry Christmas to all, see you again in 2022

(  from your humble webmaster )



A year of highs and lows.

A large number of people to thank for their efforts and achievements, and lots of brickbats to those who make use of the facilities available and do nothing to maintain the camaraderie and spirit that exists within the core of members.

The poor attendance at the monthly meetings reflects this, and I feel that some members should question themselves as to why they firstly joined the Guild, and why they continue to be members.

There are members who have other commitments and work obligations, but an occasional offer of help and an appearance at the rooms to help with Guild projects would certainly be appreciated.  The lack of enthusiasm during Kidzone, which is a major source of revenue for the Guild, was alarming, as was the lack of response to the proposed toy making weekend.

There were however a few highlights, notably the exhibition was a resounding success, both with exhibits and items sold.

My congratulations to all category winners, and special thank you to Beverly for her endeavours during that period.

A vote of thanks also to the Committee members for their help and assistance, and for the help that is done behind the scenes.  Gloria has been tremendous for her efforts in keeping the members informed and up to date with what has, or is about, to happen.  Thanks also to Kevin and those who contributed to the Barbecue to cap off the exhibition, and a special thanks to Glenda and Zara for their never ending help, especially during Kidzone.   

Have a happy and merry festive season.  Hope to see you all in the new year, hopefully with a more numerous response to the joint endeavours of Guild activities.

Sunday, 5 December 2021

Gallery and sales area open



when entering the club rooms

( members see also the noticeboard )


The annual exhibition has been a great succes and 
enjoyed by a lot of people.

We do however still operate the gallery and sales of beautiful
crafted items from native wood and exotics plus a great range of toys.
Open on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the remainder of 2021
 and during the year 2022

 only during opening hours of the club rooms.
( Wednesday's and Saturdays  from 10am to 2pm )

Please note that there is no Eftpos available

Please also note that a vaccination pass is required when entering
and distancing adhered to thank you.

You will find us right here ......

 at the bottom end of Mary street Turnbull Thomson park

in the former Southland Darts assoc. building.

This is only a selection of the wooden toys 

( yes indeed these toys are all made by local members ! )

also check out the page from our past exhibition under
exhibition in the right hand column


Firewood Sale still on now !

 Enjoying the mild weather in the South ?
 This might be the right time to stock up on a stack of dry kindling and / or firewood for the cooler days to come.  
Plentiful firewood at the moment but you better beat the rush now before everyone is 
getting organised .👀

Available right now from our club rooms

Box of kindling is $12 a box and bags of firewood 6 bags for $30

Or a surprising modest $6 a bag.

Open Saturdays and Wednesdays 9.30am - 2.30pm.

Saturday, 4 December 2021

COVID implementation of rules


must read)

As you will be aware, the Government is set to introduce the new Covid-19 Protection Framework, which operates under a traffic light system with varying restrictions at Red, Orange and Green. The Committee has decided that as a condition of entry into the Southland Woodworkers Guild rooms, every person 12 years and older, must be double vaccinated and provide evidence of a current vaccination certificate.

Should you not be able to be vaccinated due to medical grounds you must produce a government mandated Vaccination Exemption.

The new entry rules are expected to come into force at 11:59pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021.

Members who do not wish to become vaccinated will have their entry rights to the Guild suspended until further notice. Should a member wish to resign from the Club, due to their decision not to vaccinate, the balance of their membership fee will be refunded to them

Please show your vaccination pass to a Committee Member so it can be noted it has been sighted. You will only need to do this once.

Committee Members are:

Barry McLaughlin, Peter Robbie, Bev Wilson, Lynn Patterson, Mike Skelton, Maurice Gorton, Lyndon Carran, Simon Tonkin, Margaret Kamo, and Gloria Harris

Sunday, 7 November 2021

Annual Exhibition and woodwork / toys sale 2021

The Southland Woodworkers Guild annual exhibition


Exhibition and Gallery space 

 Overall winner best in show 2021
Beverly  Wilson with her carving
further category winners are  
    1.  toys for children  -   Alistair Jukes
    2.  Models                -    Adin Cockroft
    3.  Scrollsaw/intarsia-   Barry Mc Laughlin
    4.  Clocks                 -    Barry Mc Laughlin
    5.  Bowls                  -    Mike Skelton
    6.  Plates / Platters   -   Peter Aalders
    7.  Vases                   -   Ken Welsh
    8.  Carving               -   Ken Welsh
    9.  Domestic ware    -   Peter Aalders / Alison Crump
    10.  Boxes                  -   Ross Nicoll
    11.  Furniture             -   Lynn Patterson
    12.  Mixed media        -  Peter Aalders
    13.  Most Artistic        -  Lyndon Carran
    14.  Best in show runner up - Ken Welsh
    15.  Best in show         -  Beverly Wilson

Ken Welsh ( vase )

Lyndon Carran (most artistic)

Mike Skelton ( Bowl )

Ross Nicoll  ( Box )

Ken Welsh (Carving)

Best in show runner up

Beverly Wilson ( Best in show )
Barry Mc Laughlan ( clocks)

Peter Aalders ( Domestic ware / shared )

Peter Aalders ( mixed media )

Adin Cockroft ( models )

Peter Aalders ( plates & platters )

Barry Mc Laughlan  ( Scrollsaw )

Alison Crump ( domestic ware / shared )

Lynn Patterson ( furniture )


The annual exhibition is  held at our Guild rooms
at the bottom end of Mary street Turnbull Thomson park
in the former Southland Darts assoc. building.

All welcome to enjoy this exhibition of woodcraft which
is made by the members of the Guild.

A range of woodwork / craft / toys is available for sale during
the two weeks of the exhibition so perhaps some pre-Christmas
shopping is what you are looking for also.

Please note that there is no Eftpos available
Please also note that a sign in is required when entering
and distancing adhered to thank you.
Hopefully we will see you soon.

This is only a selection of the wooden toys 
which are for sale during exhibition days.

Check for opening days on the top photograph.

A selection of more pictures here of wooden toys
which are for sale at the time of exhibition.

They are however also available after the 28th November
for the remainder of 2021 and during the year 2022
 but only during opening hours of the club rooms.
( Wednesday's and Saturdays  from 10am to 2pm )

more details see the ' contact ' page.

( yes indeed these toys are all made by local members ! )

If you are keen to give woodworking a go then you are most welcome
to explore our very well kitted out workspace and timber store which
is "chocka" with wood for carving, turning and any other projects.

We are a friendly team of men and woman of almost all ages.
You will find a great source of knowledge and skill which could be
picked up from all members and besides that we also have
a great library with a wealth of information about 
anything woodwork .