Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Newsletter July 2019

Kidzone was on again this year from July 10th to 15th at James Hargest Senior College.

We again ran the Woodwork Room helping the children to make boxes.  These boxes have been designed to be multi functional - one as a box, two as a box for a jack-in-the-box - these get made in another part of the festival, and thirdly as a money box.  The box also has a false floor so goodies can be hidden from prying eyes.

We also had a mixture of toys left over from previous years - these ranged from prams, baskets, space fighters, space shuttles, robots, rattle boxes and clackers.

And we managed to use up all the shuttles, space fighters, prams, baskets, rattle boxes and have 26 robots and 240 clackers left along with about 900 boxes and false floors left over.  We also have about 4 boxes of various parts that we will need to incorporate into next year’s toys.

The jigs for making the boxes were invaluable as the use of the jig tried to start the box off as square as possible.  But of course, you have put the correct pieces in the jig and then line up the timber pieces and then put the nails in straight.  That was an issue again this year - and of course this isn’t helped by nailing on a bouncy table with about 8 others trying to do the same thing at the same time.

Hopefully next year we will have more solid table tops to work off.  The current table tops have been in use for many years and they are getting towards the end of their life.

My thanks to all that have volunteered again this year and those who have spent the time making the boxes.  But of course my special thanks to those brave souls who actually help in the Woodwork Room, it is known as the loudest room at Kidzone! It is also in all probability the most visited room as well.
This year we were located in the Music Room—M1. And this room had far more space than previous rooms and had some acoustic treatment so didn’t seem quite so loud - although that could be just me going deaf!

The only real issue I have with Kidzone is the lack of member volunteers or assistance for working at the Room, I know it is a tough ask to work in such a busy noisy environment but we do need more volunteers. I called in some people from work to assist us over the weekend as our volunteer numbers were way down this year.

No doubt we will have to change plans on how we attract volunteers if we carry on next year with this event.  We don’t rely on any Kidzone school volunteers as they can get taken away to other activities - we have found this out the hard way and on Saturday the Organisers were very short of these volunteers to run the main festival activities.

But I don’t like asking other people outside the Guild as it is a fund raiser for the Guild.

Overall, the Woodwork Room worked well.  We had plenty of choices of wooden kits available, we helped a new generation of children put together their own toy, the smiles on the faces of both children and parents make this event and our hard work worthwhile.

But we will have to discuss our continued support for this event at the next Committee and monthly Meeting.

Thanks, Simon


From the General Meeting on 3rd July
Whether we require or want a patron was discussed and it was decided that as a patron is more of a figure head, that we would not pursue this option.

All members are to provide their own safety gear - ear muffs, masks etc as appropriate to the task they are    undertaking.

We have secured some funding - a full report will be    given at next month’s meeting as some funding depends on other funders.

Workshop is all going well with more timber arriving.

And it must have been cold out as only 14 member’s made it to the meeting.

REMINDERS to all members

We have a number of members who haven’t paid their subs this year.  We normally allow a 3 month grace period and this is now close to being up.

Please pay your subs to Peter.



The year is past the halfway mark now and the days are starting have longer daylight hours so we are getting nearer to the exhibition. Those that were spending so much time on working for the Guild now have the opportunity to start on their entries for the exhibition so good luck folks.

It is good to see some of the members mentoring our newer members and I believe this has always been a strong point of our group.

Many thanks to Lindsay for his most generous gift of a Sorby Pro Sharpener and if anybody wishes to practice sharpening turning chisels on this machine please see me and I will supply a few chisels and get an experienced Operator to show you how to use this machine.

The heater has had a servicing thanks to Jordan and is once again being a popular place for members to stand and compare notes.

The belts for the thicknesser we obtained from Ron Johnson are on order and this machine should be operational soon.

Thirty plus bench chisels have been sharpened and placed in the tool store.

In general, things look good in the Workshop but remember if you get a tool from another source please remember to put it back.

The Next General Meeting will be on 7th August at 7.30pm.    Ivan will be demonstrating smoothing a slab with a router.

NOTE - Please remember to bring your ear protection.


Note the next Committee meeting is being held on Monday 19th August, commencing  at 7.30pm.


This is on again this year at the Clubrooms on 28th July, 2019.  Cost is $30.00 per person.

Wives/husbands/partners and children are welcome - cost is per person.

Payment to Peter on the day unless arranged prior.

Be seated by 12.30pm.