Friday, 15 November 2019

2019 Winners of Woodworkers Exhibition

Best in show  ;  Bev Wilson

Best in show runner up; Peter Aalders

Bowls ;  David Caughey

Boxes ; Jordan Wilson

Neville Skeggs

Clocks ; Jordan Wilson

Domestic ware ; Kevin Gerrard

Furniture and Cabinetry ; Peter Robbie

Mixed media ; Peter Aalders

Models ; Adin Cockroft

Most Artistic ; Ken Welsh

Platters and plates ; Maurice Caughey

Scroll saw and intarsia ; Ross Nicoll

Toys ; winner David Wiseman ( not shown here )

Vases ; Ken Welsh

Monday, 4 November 2019

September newsletter update

Southern Woodworkers Guild – September News update 19-11-01

Annual Exhibition

As noted in the previous newsletter, our  annual exhibition is set  to take place at the Guild Clubrooms.  The exhibition will run from the Friday 15th — members day to bring their items and opening at night, and then open to the public from the 16th November to the 8th December.

The days that the exhibition will be open are Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 3.00pm.

We will need members to run the exhibition on those days.

The days that the exhibition is open are also considered Club days which means you can come along and work in the Clubrooms - so the more the merrier.  Let us fill the Clubrooms with the sound of wooden items being made. 
If you haven’t started on any project do not worry there is still time for you to make some items, just have a look at the categories on the entry form. You can enter up to 3 items per category. 
And best of luck - it is not many places where you get to display your work amongst like-minded  people. 
And remember Christmas is coming and a wooden item is always a popular gift. 
We have 3 judges this year and Maurice will assist them in their deliberations.
Thank you Maurice - this is appreciated by the members.

Order of Events

Members bring items to Clubrooms between 9.00am to 3.00pm – Friday 15th November
     Exhibition opens to members and their families 6:30pm7:30pm Friday 15th November for voting.
     Exhibition Certificates handed out at approximately 8:00pm

 Exhibition opens to public – Saturday 16th November from 10.00am to 3.00pm
 Exhibition opens each day except Monday/Tuesday.
 Exhibition closes to public – Sunday 8th December at 3.00pm

 General news

We continue to get all sorts of requests for play pods, can you do an old chair up etc.  This is all good news and we hope that the exhibition will again attract some new faces to the Guild.

We have articles that have been sent to the    Manapouri Arts Show - mainly toy items and all are for sale.

The Great Little Train Show was on at Labour weekend and was the usual success - thank you to the members that manned our stand.

Simon Tonkin

 Next meeting agenda item

One of the issues to be discussed by members is the use of the large bandsaw.

At the last Committee meeting it was discussed that it has been observed that the use of the bandsaw is not following the rules. This bandsaw is expensive to maintain and the card on the bandsaw reads straight cuts only !!!!!

The Committee discussed the use and whether the bandsaw should have a lock on the switch to prevent members that have not been trained in the use of this bandsaw, from using it without a mentor or some   assistance.

Peter is obtaining a price for a key lock switch but that is as far as it has got.

I would like to start the discussion with what is the problem we are trying to solve? 

*      If it is an inappropriate use by members and they are putting themselves at risk, is a key lock going to        prevent this issue?
*      Or, is it that we, as an organization, need to  ensure that members are trained in the use of the bandsaw?

I personally do not favor a key lock or any   mechanism that prevents members using any   equipment in the club rooms, after all the equipment has been purchased or it has been donated, or a large number of tools have been loaned, and to my mind they are for the members use.

So the issue for me is how does the Guild provide proper training for the equipment that we have?  Do we need to train people in the use of a chisel, for example.  Having hurt myself with a chisel when I was an apprentice - and quite possibly since that time, I think the proper uses of all tools should be explained. But it is the individual member’s role to request assistance on how to use various equipment.

The good thing about that is that we have great knowledge within the Guild on the how to operate the tools we have.

I must admit that there are many ways to swing a cat - I recall Ross stating that he always puts the table saw blade up high where I was taught to have the blade one tooth above the wood you were cutting.  Clearly Ross is wrong here!!

So let us start this conversation on two fronts—(1) safety for members using any equipment - what is the best way to do this? (2) Do we need to restrict the use of some machines.

( personally I believe that members need to be a certified user off all equipment in use .  Peter Aalders )

 Notes from October’s Committee meeting

* Large bandsaw has been set up and is working.
* Electrician has been and completed work required.
* Firewood available in bags.
* Exhibition details published in last newsletter.
* Judging panel arranged.
* Great Little Train Show stand being organised for  Labour Weekend.
* Nearest saw doctor appears to be in Dunedin.
* Name badges have been updated.
* Spare tools for sale, details to come.
* Exhibition advertising underway.
* Funding, more information sought from Guild.
* Incorrect use of our machines was discussed.
* Correct usage signs are being ignored!!!!
* E Hayes Trophy to be updated for exhibition.

Peter Robbie

Workshop report – October in the Workshop

Once again the workshop has been busy with all working well but it is rather a pity that so many are working on money making ideas rather than making things for themselves or their families but I suppose that people are only interested in money these days and money rules before people.

It’s rather a shame to see so many chisels are in poor condition now after so much time was spent sharpening them. After all, chisels are meant for cutting wood rather than being used as scrapers and it is frustrating to see so many blunt chisels in the racks.  ( certification again here as well . Peter A )

The large band saw now has a damaged blade after only a few weeks use and as the nearest saw doctor is in Dunedin this blade will not be repaired so perhaps it is as well we did not buy a good blade but stuck with the cheapest available even if it does not like cutting metal like the dearer blades do.

The large thicknesser is now very blunt but I cannot fit sharp blades until a blade setting jig is found so it is best if we do not use it.

Enough of moans as I am sure more care and proper use of the Guild equipment will result in a more enjoyable time in the workshop.

Next meetings

General Meeting—Wednesday, 6th November, 7:30pm at the Clubrooms

Committee Meeting—Monday, 18th November, 7.30pm at the Clubrooms

Exhibition Opening night—Friday, 15th November, members and families to arrive from 6.30pm to cast votes with opening time of exhibition approximately 7.30pm to 7.45pm