Tuesday 17 December 2019



Southland Woodworkers Guild – December supplementary news 19-12-17

The Committee and I wish that you all have a great and relaxing Christmas with your friends and family and the weather gods are kind to you all no matter where you are.

The Clubrooms are looking really good and it is so good to see the rooms being used as we intended - the buzz of the machines and happy laughter is a joy.

The annual exhibition went well again this year but we continue to struggle to attract members of the public through the rooms.  Maybe it is time for the Committee to rethink our advertising, after all it is close to Christmas and we make a lot of wooden toys.  So maybe we advertise the exhibition with a focus on people purchasing wooden toys or something special for that special person for Christmas.  It is worth thinking about.

Sales were on a par from the previous years - not bad but not great.

The Committee would like to thank all the members that volunteered their time to man the exhibition and to those that came along and used the Clubrooms as a  club day - this is just as  important as people get to see a workshop first hand.

We have attracted a few new members to the Guild as a result of the exhibition and maybe that is also something we think about in our advertising for the exhibition - come along and join, and make your own Christmas presents.

You may be shoulder tapped to help over the Christmas break
As many of you may know we have been asked to make bread boards x 50.  Barry is in charge of this project and he may require some assistance for certain tasks so he may call you to assist in January.

This will be a worthwhile venture to again get our name out in the community so please be prepared to assist if Barry calls.  Thanks, Simon

Fairy door project

This project is still on the ‘to do’ list.  I have had a look at the area where the fairy doors are to be located and will have sizes and    details of the competition that we are going to run to make these fairy doors.   This will be a fun event to see how creative you all are with making fairy doors and is to be our focus for February 2020.

2020 is shaping up to busy as usual, we have our AGM so will be looking for new members to step up onto the Committee, new ideas are always good to debate.

Remember the future of the Guild is in your hands.

I look forward to catching up with all of you after Christmas.

Happy woodworking and have a merry Christmas.

Simon Tonkin

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