Wednesday, 15 April 2020

COVID-9 Stories from your lockdown workshop

Hello everyone,

Surely there must have been a hive of activities going on in your own workshops with so much spare time on your hands and maybe you are even making some items for the annual exhibition or just stuff around a bit.

I would like to hear from you all about what's been going on in your nick of the woods.  You can enlighten other members with your story and / or pictures by emailing them to me so I can paste them on our website.

Guess everyone has a mobile phone which can take pictures ???

Ok send your snippets to me; 

Have a go and get of your bum 😎😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Peter Aalders


April Lockdown Woodworker News

Well we are now into the third week of lockdown.  Some of us are essential workers so they are on the front line doing great work.  And some of us are working from home - no doubt in a small area of the lounge or dining room where you can get some relative peace to carry on the work front.
And some of us will have had more time to do those jobs around the house where we just never had time to do them.
Whatever category you are in  the situation is certainly unusual and quite strange.
They keep talking about the new normal, bubbles, social distancing and Levels 2, 3 and 4  and lock down.

So, if you are in the latter category of being able to do jobs around the home and wander out to the workshop, remember to stay as safe as you possibly can. We do not want any members being an ACC statistic during lockdown.

Remember the following while in the workshop:-

v  Stay mentally sharp - be focussed on the task at hand.
v  Unplug the power tools when not in use.
v  Watch where you stand when using tools and machinery.
v  Inspect the tool before you use it.
v  Listen to the voice in your head - if it says hmm don’t do this, then don’t.
v  Use push sticks where you can - keep your hands away from the blades.
v  Keep it clean  - clean away all dust and debris.


The Guild clubrooms remain closed until further notice.

Remember to contact others by phone or facebook or skype while in lockdown. And remember to get some exercise and fresh air.  A bit of warm weather would help on that front.

Wishing you all stay safe in your bubbles.

Simon Tonkin