Sunday, 28 June 2020

Post Covid Newsletter 2

Southland Woodworkers Guild
 Newsletter June 2020

June 2020 News

Hi all!  Well it certainly has been an interesting couple of months and just when we were all saying let us open things up, then we get another 2 cases of COVID-19 in the country.

So the message is we need to take care and ensure we know where we have been so that if we have to, we can do the contact tracing.

There is not a lot of news for June except that a Committee meeting was held to discuss various aspects of the running of the Guild including:

1 Roof replacement - still waiting on contractor to give us a date.  Funding has been extended to August for the roof replacement.
2 New donated tools for the Guild - these will be put in the tool room for general use. There is a table saw and band saw. Both need tidying up but one may be past its use by date so may get used for parts.
3 Subscriptions are coming in to the Secretary. Reminder—if you haven’t paid your sub please do so or bring form and money along to the next meeting. Remember that we have a second page to the application form and it needs to be signed.

A special thanks to Gloria and Lyn - they are the editors of our facebook page.  We are using this to advertise firewood sales and it seems to be working.
We have cancelled this event, this year.

We have cancelled this event, this year.
Fairy Doors
These are being painted and haven’t yet been fitted to the trees.

 Old Heater
Jordan has advised that this is now in the tip as it was not economically worth repairing.  We do, however, have a new heater so all is not lost.
Remember nomination forms are sitting on a table at the Clubrooms, or you may fill a nomination form in on the night of the AGM, or you may nominate someone from the floor.

Have a think about what you can do to run the Guild.

We require:
- President                         - Vice President
- Treasurer/secretary     - Committee members

In addition, the Committee will appoint the following positions:
-  Facebook editor           - Web page editor
-  Newsletter editor       - Workshop Manager
-  Auditor

I would like to thank all the people that have worked so well for the Guild over the last year. This includes all members that have cut firewood, made playpods and toys, painted walls, tidied up the Clubrooms and not to forget the numerous jobs that members just get on with and get done.

I believe the Guild is in good stead, we have great Clubrooms and yes, it does cost us to insure and maintain the Clubrooms but I believe it is worth it just to have a great base for our operations.  We have a good range of tools that all members can use for any project that takes their fancy.

I have enjoyed my time as President of such a diverse bunch.

And on a sad note, I just want you to remember the members that have passed away during the year, it is so sad to lose good friends.

Simon Tonkin


AGM followed by usual monthly meeting—at Clubrooms

Wednesday, 1st July 20207:30pm