Tuesday, 4 August 2020

July ---- NEWSLETTER ----

Hi all!


Another month has rushed us by and we have had our AGM and elected new Committee members.  So out with old and in with the new so to speak.


President:                        Barry McLaughlin

Vice President:                 Lynn Patterson

Treasurer/Secretary:       Peter Robbie


Committee members:

Dave Caughey

Bev Wilson

Ross Ferguson

Mike Skelton


Past President:                 Simon Tonkin

 Please make the new Committee welcome.


Roof replacement

The work has been going well with about 50 % completed and within the next few weeks this should be completed.

 Reminder – if you haven’t paid your subscription please ensure that you fill out the form and give the money to Peter. (Remember to fill out both sides of the form). The second side is for member accountability and some members haven’t signed this important section of the new form. Please ensure you do so.


The new Committee has met and have decided that along with our usual monthly raffle on the meeting night there will be an additional raffle of a scratchie board   - so winner takes all.  Also we have raffle tickets to sell for the NAW  - prize is a lathe.  $10.00 per ticket and the Club gets a percentage of all tickets we sell so please support this raffle. See Barry for a ticket or two.   

 Members to sign in

You all know that we have a sign-in book at the front door and it is very important that ALL members that enter the building sign in , get their name badge and sign out when they leave.  Also, if you are working in the clubrooms remember to pay your workshop fee - this small amount assists with the power and running of the Guild.

 Trial evacuation procedure

Be warned that we are going to run a trial evacuation of the clubrooms one day so the rules are  when you hear the siren to turn off the equipment you are using and make your way quietly to the evacuation/assembly point. If you don’t know where this point is, have a look at the floor plan in the building. Wardens will check the toilet and any other area to ensure that all people have evacuated and then once they are satisfied that the building is empty they will conduct a rollcall just to make sure that all people are accounted for. They will use the sign-in form for making sure all members - and any guests are accounted for. So it is very important that you fill in the sign-in form.

 Simon Tonkin