Friday, 4 December 2020

Market day Invercargill 5 December 2020

 During my ' fleeting ' visit to Invercargill I visited the annual outdoor market day in Esk street and there they were.. Bev and Lynn from the woodworkers guild manning a stand with woodworking items made by the members.
I take my hat of to these ladies who were brave enough to do this in not so favourable weather conditions and I certainly hope that this was a worthwile effort.
Thank you Bev and Lynn you're a real asset to the guild.

                                                                                            Peter A.

Our Heroes Bev and Lynn

Thursday, 3 December 2020




 Last Sunday in November was our annual BBQ day to celebrate a succesfull 2020 for the guild.
The attendance was unfortunately not that great but the ones that showed up had a great time and were very pleased with the sumptuous amount of tasty morsels from the BBQ and great salads to go with it.
And a great desert was to follow with the regular cups of tea, coffees.
The members who were not there missed out on a fine day and a yarn or two so better come down next year.
Well done to all organisers and persons who made these delicious cakes etc for our desert and the supplied salads.

Please note that there will be another BBQ on our last day at the club rooms  on 19 December

After this we are locking up for a while and hopefully everone will return on the 18th January 2021.

Take care, have a great holiday and travel safely if you're on the road.
See you again all refreshed and ready to roll up your sleeves once more.



 The exhibition raffle drawn on the 2 December 2020.


Results as follows;


1st prize    D.Crump    clock made by Ron Sinclair

2nd prize   Lyn Lindsay   Kauri Cutting Board  made by

                                                     Barry McLaughlan

3rd prize    W.Herbert     Mahogany saucer   donated

4th prize    Ang Strathern   Toy car made by  Adin Cockroft


congrats to the winners.