Wednesday 11 May 2022

kitsets galore for ILT Kidzone

Kidzone ?  

If you have never heard of this holiday program in Invercargill then better check this out and click on this link below..


 The Southland Wooworkers Guild has been involved in this program for a few succesfull years now supplying a range of wooden kitset items which the attending children can put together with a few nails and a bit of hammering.

Always quite a popular item in the 'show' so there is a need for a great number of kitsets.

Making the parts of the kits is all done by local members of the woodworking guild en is a mindboggling sight to behold if one looks at the sheer number( thousands ) of bits and bobs of wood that are required and ' manufactured ' , packaged and stored.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea what is involved;

wood guild workshop

marking out before the bits are cut

cutting team in action

fiddly time consuming work

no room for errors

pre drilling thousands of holes

blocks and more blocks ..

only a few here

a good start..

a few hundred here all sanded and ready

all packaged and stored

 A few more weeks work ahead for the crew of members and then it's all go at  Kidzone 2022. 

And after that we may have a few days off te recover :)