Thursday, 21 March 2019

Kidzone 2019

Kidzone 2019 is on the cards again but this time there is no particular design required but and 'open' selection, anything goes as long as it looks like or is a toy which can be assembled by children. ( and their parents probably )
A few sticks of wood and some nails and there you have it..
So please put your thinking caps on and give it a shot to design a simple toy.
Looking forward to see lots of ideas and perhaps finished toys at our monthly meeting first wednesday in April.


Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Our library is very very well stocked with books and magazines, I counted about 50 books on wood turning alone one day and loads of books on carving also.
Some changes are now implemented and when all books are sorted into their cubby holes and order then it will be open to the "public".
When one wants to loan a book or magazine then he / she is required to write down name, title and date on a sheet of paper which is replaced monthly, in a folder on the desk.  So please make an effort to stick to the rules and return the loaned item within a reasonable time.
It is also possible to copy pages if required on our copier.

Just about Anything woodwork related is available from our own library so pick up some books and learn a few new things to keep the grey matter ticking over.

A lot of hard slog done

There are some amazing hard workers among our guild members who miraculously seem to be able, with a lot of insight, fitness and dedication, to organize and re-organize things that need doing.

Thanks to all these efforts we now have a new tool room and that b.. cool room is a goner too.
And I gather I have not noticed all the other 'hidden' things that have changed also.

We are now never short of a hammer again just look at the new display !!

One other item that has been introduced is a mini lathe on a low stand which is designed for persons who are wheelchair bound. Well done again for this initiative to support the persons in a wheelchair who might also like to get a bit of hands on experience wood turning.

Maybe this could also be used by children under supervision of an adult  ??

The workshop looks immaculate and is well used by members on the club wednesday's and monday evenings and there seems to be a never ending supply of wood available which is neatly stacked in racks and available at low cost.