Tuesday 21 January 2020

Southern Woodworkers Guild – January 2020

Happy New Year

Hi and welcome back to another exciting year of making shavings in our Club rooms.

We are going to start the year finishing off the bread boards and also a little fun competition.

The competition will be on making fairy doors for Council’s Parks Department.


What is a fairy door?

A fairy door is the gateway between this world and the fairy kingdom so you can design and make   whatever you can imagine for these doors.

A fairy door is also described as a magical portal between our world and the fairy realm, usually found at the base of a tree or skirting board, and fairy doors can be used to help children with imaginative play, creative thinking, and can also possibly help children with bad dreams and worries.

The competition will be judged by the Parks Department, Lesley McCoy, and winners announced at March General Meeting.

Please note that this is not a fundraising project - this is a fun competition to kick off the start of the year. And I would like to see every member make a fairy door.


Doors are to be fixed closed or fixed in a slightly open position. We decided that having a fully opening door would probably mean that the doors would be subject to some vandalism but having a door slightly ajar might be ok. The preference is for the door to be fixed closed but the choice is with the maker of the door.

Painting of the doors may be undertaken by others. However, you may wish to paint/finish your door.

These doors will be fitted into the trees by other people and may need to be shaped to fit correctly or the doors may be screwed directly to the tree. Or we may end up making a base for each tree hole so the doors can be fixed to this base.  This will be decided on a door by door basis.

Sizes of doors 
The sizes are indicative sizing with width first and height second, they are generally round or oval in shape but could be square as the doors are screwed onto the tree.

A total of 11 fairy doors are required as per the sizing below.  However, we would like more than 11 fairy doors so there are spares available if and when they get damaged.

Tree 1

240 *240 mm


Tree 3

Tree 4

Tree 5

Your imagination is required for this project -  the   timber that is used doesn’t have to be treated to my way of thinking as the doors will be painted all round so again imagination is the key, and you can use up all your scraps of timber that you have laying around the shed or Guild Clubrooms.

These must be completed by Saturday, 15th February and delivered to the Clubrooms.

facebook page

In December’s edition newsletter we asked for some volunteers that work with facebook to put their name forward to assist the Committee. To date, I don’t believe we have had a response.  So if you are deep into the dark arts of facebook please let the Committee know or advise Simon that you would like to address the Committee at the January Committee meeting.

Safety in the workshop

Let us all be safe or use the safest possible work practices this year.

Next meetings

Committee meeting – Clubrooms Monday, 20th January – 7:30pm
General meeting – Clubrooms – Wednesday, 5th February – 7:30pm


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