Sunday 7 November 2021

Annual Exhibition and woodwork / toys sale 2021

The Southland Woodworkers Guild annual exhibition


Exhibition and Gallery space 

 Overall winner best in show 2021
Beverly  Wilson with her carving
further category winners are  
    1.  toys for children  -   Alistair Jukes
    2.  Models                -    Adin Cockroft
    3.  Scrollsaw/intarsia-   Barry Mc Laughlin
    4.  Clocks                 -    Barry Mc Laughlin
    5.  Bowls                  -    Mike Skelton
    6.  Plates / Platters   -   Peter Aalders
    7.  Vases                   -   Ken Welsh
    8.  Carving               -   Ken Welsh
    9.  Domestic ware    -   Peter Aalders / Alison Crump
    10.  Boxes                  -   Ross Nicoll
    11.  Furniture             -   Lynn Patterson
    12.  Mixed media        -  Peter Aalders
    13.  Most Artistic        -  Lyndon Carran
    14.  Best in show runner up - Ken Welsh
    15.  Best in show         -  Beverly Wilson

Ken Welsh ( vase )

Lyndon Carran (most artistic)

Mike Skelton ( Bowl )

Ross Nicoll  ( Box )

Ken Welsh (Carving)

Best in show runner up

Beverly Wilson ( Best in show )
Barry Mc Laughlan ( clocks)

Peter Aalders ( Domestic ware / shared )

Peter Aalders ( mixed media )

Adin Cockroft ( models )

Peter Aalders ( plates & platters )

Barry Mc Laughlan  ( Scrollsaw )

Alison Crump ( domestic ware / shared )

Lynn Patterson ( furniture )


The annual exhibition is  held at our Guild rooms
at the bottom end of Mary street Turnbull Thomson park
in the former Southland Darts assoc. building.

All welcome to enjoy this exhibition of woodcraft which
is made by the members of the Guild.

A range of woodwork / craft / toys is available for sale during
the two weeks of the exhibition so perhaps some pre-Christmas
shopping is what you are looking for also.

Please note that there is no Eftpos available
Please also note that a sign in is required when entering
and distancing adhered to thank you.
Hopefully we will see you soon.

This is only a selection of the wooden toys 
which are for sale during exhibition days.

Check for opening days on the top photograph.

A selection of more pictures here of wooden toys
which are for sale at the time of exhibition.

They are however also available after the 28th November
for the remainder of 2021 and during the year 2022
 but only during opening hours of the club rooms.
( Wednesday's and Saturdays  from 10am to 2pm )

more details see the ' contact ' page.

( yes indeed these toys are all made by local members ! )

If you are keen to give woodworking a go then you are most welcome
to explore our very well kitted out workspace and timber store which
is "chocka" with wood for carving, turning and any other projects.

We are a friendly team of men and woman of almost all ages.
You will find a great source of knowledge and skill which could be
picked up from all members and besides that we also have
a great library with a wealth of information about 
anything woodwork .

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