Sunday 26 June 2022

Midwinter dinner and 35th Anniversary day

 35 Years and still ticking along 
is what our guild is all about.
A day to remember and reminisce
about our days past.

and not to forget our great
midwinter dinner on the same day 

Ross Nicoll and Peter Robbie cutting the cake

More photographs on the ' EVENTS ' page

I personally like to congratulate
everyone who have made it possible
that our Guild has become one of the best
in New Zealand with  the finest workshop facilities.
Thanks to all the dedicated members who
contributed to this .
Yes we've come a long way since
I started the ball rolling in 1986.
( 36 years ago ) when we did have our
very first meeting on  7 May 1986 .
Held at the Southland Community College.

cheers to all.                       Peter Aalders