Friday 15 July 2022

------ KIDZONE 2022 INVERCARGILL ------

Southland Girls High School

 This picture shows the layout of one of the four work stations and the assembled kit set items with the jigs and instructions how to make the craft items all ready to go before we got inundated with children and parents to have a crack at this opportunity.
And they came through the door in waves eager to tackle one or more of the kits which they collected at the entrance.
Five of us volunteers from the Guild were on standby to give anyone a hand with the making of the items and some advice thrown in for parents alike.  And then the hammering of nails started non stop until just past three o'clock in the afternoon when silence returned and our hearing got adjusted to normal.
Anyway it is a fabulous experience to see all these kids and parents working together and all the many happy faces we'd see when they successfully made something to take home with them, little kids and older ones alike. Yes it was a bit tiring in the end but very rewarding to see and hear so many positive reactions.
Thanks to all the hard work of the Guild members making the sets and the persons who designed the jigs which made the assembling of the sets a breeze.

The ' STORE '

Peter Aalders