Monday 12 September 2022


Learned a new word lately;  Nonagenarian

Has  something to do with ones age, yes indeed we did have the pleasure to have a long standing member  celebrating his  

90th birthday

Well done   Ron Sinclair  we hope you'll be around for another 10


Zoom meetings organized by NAW are well worth logging on to on your
phone, tablet or PC.
Some very interesting wood art / craft were shown on Monday the 12th
by Lou Fuller who is a tutor a the Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson.

This was one of the several items she showed and if you like to see more then go to the website

Phil Irons showed also some of his beautiful work which showed his
craftmanship and the coloring he used for some of his work.

I managed to copy a few pictures during the zoom session hope he does not mind some PR in the South..

Elm with leaf inside

Burr colored 

Ecalyptus with Iron Sulphate 

So, highly recommended to join next Zoom meeting on the 10th October.
If you don't have the link for these meetings then let me know. 

Peter Aalders        

Workshop pictures updated as per 10/09/22

click on the ' workshop ' tab on top of page


Come down and enjoy checking out what these clever Southland Woodworkers do and inspect their fantastic workshop and Gallery space with beautiful work on display.

We have two open days the first one on Saturday 3 September and the
 second one on Saturday 10th September.

Hope to see you there !

Check out the map where to find us, just click on the ' CONTACT " link
at the top of the page and scroll down to the picture.

A few photographs here of the woodwork made by the members, there is however a wealth of woodwork to be seen in the Gallery space attached to the workshop.

More pictures on the ' Gallery ' page