Friday 20 October 2023

Summer is in the air

AB Lime Refuse site visit  30 Januari 2023

We left the Guild's rooms at 12.30pm on Tuesday and drove out to AB Lime  Quarry at Kings bend, which is also part of the refuse site. We were given a safety briefing before donning high viz vests and very tasteful matching safety helmets, then bundled into 4WD vehicles to be taken up to the vantage point....and what a vantage point it was!!! The team from out there that were our escorts had environmental degrees, and the scope of what we were told about the running of the site and the extreme effort to keep it environmentally friendly at all levels was astounding! If the opportunity ever comes up for you to go, I'd highly recommend it. The site of the operation is of a MEGA scale.
Thanks AB Lime for the opportunity to visit this awesome place. Thanks also for organi
zing this Alistair Jukes - it was very much appreciated by all who took the opportunity!! " What an amazeballs experience!!" was the reaction of one of our female club members. ( yes you )

for your info ;

The AB Lime landfill takes all of Southland’s municipal household waste with some special industrial wastes as well.

As a Class A landfill we adhere to strict standards – including site selection to reduce the potential for adverse environmental effects, engineered systems for leachate containment and collection systems for both leachate and landfill gas.

The landfill is lined with a technical and comprehensive series of impermeable layers. This ensures that waste and leachate is confined within the landfill that would otherwise leach into the surrounding environment.

The surrounding environment is monitored frequently weekly and monthly for potential impacts the landfill may have on the land and waters.

At AB Lime landfill gas is captured and controlled by a series of gas wells before it is collected and then burnt at a flare that destroys the methane and turns it into carbon dioxide and water.

AB Lime info from their website


Landfill site

some news from NAW

Looks like one of those very interesting weekends
and not too far away to travel and at a very good price.


Our annual exhibition has ended and we appreciate it
that a lot of locals and non locals made the effort to
come down to have a look at the exhibits
and also browse at our sales area.

We are still open to the public until 13 December so please come along
and have a look at our range of sale items.
A number of items from the past exhibition are also
available for sale.

We will be closed after 13 December and re-open
on the 24th  January 2024

Warm regards to everyone and a Merry Christmas
and a Happy and healthy 2024

-------  See you again in 2024  ---------------

KIDZONE 2023 Invercargill

some impressions

Another exiting and highly successful kidzone done
and dusted thanks to the members of the
Southland Woodworkers Guild


It's on again in July

The members of the guild are frantically manufacturing
the bits and bobs for the new designs which are going to be
presented at kidzone 2023

Have a peek at the hive of workshop activities by clicking
on the workshop TAB
at the top of the page..



Not long now to the start of an exiting time for kids
 and their parents to this great week of entertainment
and being entertained.

All wooden bits and bobs from the
 Southland Woodworkers Guild
are being shipped to the venue and being readied for the big event.

See you there  !!!



Some exiting news from the Southland Woodworkers Guild
They have just reduced the price of firewood  !

Bargain prices indeed only $ 5.00 a bag or 5 bags for $ 20.00
Kindling is just $ 12.00 for a banana box full.

Better be quick to get your supply in before the cold hits the South.

Check out where we are located on the ' CONTACT ' tab top of page.

( all proceeds go towards upkeep of the premises thanks )


We are  open again so come along to browse a selection of woodcraft and perhaps you find that elusive gift you've been looking for.

All craft is handmade by the members of the Southland Woodworkers Guild.

 The hours of opening are  Wednesday's 10am to 2pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

There is also the opportunity then to check out the workshop and it's great facilities so if you are inclined to have an interest in this then perhaps we could welcome you as a member if you like what you see.

See you soon,

Please click on the ' contact ' tab on the top of page to view our location.

some pictures here from the sales area