Tuesday 9 April 2024


 The Southland Woodworkers Guild was approached late last year about running classes for some of the SIT Ruru School students, resulting in these guys coming on Thursday mornings for three weeks.  Guild members pre-cut the timber for the items it was decided they'd make. The first week they made a bird feeder, the next week a bird, and the week after, they made a catapult.  They were keen to come back again this year, this time for four Thursday mornings.  The first week, they made a great job of hand sanding their pieces ready for the following week.  Over the following three Thursday mornings, they constructed a tool box, a stool, and a mailbox.  They were all a delight to work with and their enthusiasm and joy with their finished products was contagious - well done guys!!!   
Now the SIT Ruru School girls were keen to have a go, so next month we will be working with them


Kidzone  2024 Invercargill

10 July  - 15 July

Preparations for Kidzone are well underway in our workshop 'factory' and hopefully all will be ready and packaged for the big day.

Again this proved to be a big challenge to get 2000 bags with items ready for the big day and just to give you an idea how many individual pieces are to be manufactured for these kit sets is nothing short of mind boggling.

 Members of the Guild cut 18,000 pieces of wood, drilled 36,000 holes, sanded 18,000 pieces (that's A LOT of sawdust!!!), and cut 4,000 pieces of string. 

wow !!   all done by some very dedicated members of the Guild who spend many hours, days, weeks to make it happen.
So a massive thank you guys ( men and woman ) for this fantastic effort and I am pretty sure this Kidzone will be a great success again.

If you like to now more about the ILT Kidzone festival then check out the website 

 Some snapshots here of the Guild members packaging 2000 bags with wooden bits and the ones cutting all the string bits.